A basic model of consumer decision making marketing essay

Post-Purchase Evaluation The final stage in the consumer decision making process is post-purchase evaluation stage. Evaluation of Alternatives As a consumer finds and processes information about the problem she is trying to solve, she identifies the alternative products, services, and outlets that are viable options.

The opinions of peers, friends and family regarding the purchases made is specified as one of the most important factors affecting the outcome of post-purchase evaluation by Perrey and Spillecke They desire now active participation. This will allow Scoot to identify and differentiate customers in terms of their needs and wants.

consumer decision making model example

Personal selling, product display, convenience, and ease of finding the product may also lead the consumer to make one choice over another. However, in more routine purchases, Generation Y often skips or reverse some of the stages The demographic environment is defined as the demographic factors that marketers used to analyze market trends by segmenting the targeted population.

When one has to sit in a cramped aircraft with little moving space for a few hours, it can be very uncomfortable and may cause backaches and other minor aches or even death space adaption syndrome.

Thus, it is commonly believed that one should avoid budget flights to avoid financial risks.

Levels of consumer decision making

An "aroused" customer then needs to decide how much information if any is required. Scoot is a budget airline which strives to be sustainable, at the same time retaining and expanding its market share through ensuring desired service quality and achieving customer satisfaction. The information includes: gender, date of birth, billing address, nationality, passport number and payment methods. Lastly, the five different concepts which made up by social cultural factors and individual factors. The purpose of using budget airlines is to save money. The research paper is a literature review of main trends, theories, and gaps in the field of buyer behaviour. Utilizing a consumer decision process model, marketers are able to better understand how consumers are purchasing products and services. Thus, majority of the people in Singapore are most likely going to save more and spend less on luxury goods and services like expensive air fares which will lead to a decrease in the demand for SIA air travel. So, it should be made very clearly to passengers that punctuality is very important and any delays will affect subsequent flights. Moreover, another various aspects of the product such as size, quality, brand and price are considered at this stage.

The feedback and control system also allows Scoot to track its results such as customer satisfaction and retention rate and sales.

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