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Chiquita, meanwhile, incurred a public relations black eye in February when it evicted families of banana workers in Honduras from their homes on a banana plantation that the company was closing down because it said the land was no longer productive; the company also razed the families' homes.

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A decade later the company was posting losses of half a million. The sale was considered a tremendous success, but apparently it was not enough for Black, who committed suicide on February 3, In he contracted with the Costa Rican government to fund the national debt and to lay about 50 additional miles of track.

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Desperate for both cargo and passengers for the new railroad, he planted bananas along the rail-road's rights of way to provide paying fares to inland destinations as well as back to the sea. Chiquita Brands International one of several documents obtained by the National Security Archive related to Chiquita's payments to terrorist groups in Colombia In the s and early years, Chiquita and other international companies faced an unstable political situation in Colombia.

He quickly moved the company away from large diversified operations and toward a narrower focus on stable profits. Chiquita also remained acquisition hungry and in October acquired Frupac International Corp.

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Chiquita was affected severely by trade barriers erected by the European Union EU in In April Central American governments began levying a large export tax on their bananas. Principal Subsidiaries: Chiquita Brands, Inc. At that time, it was common practice for paramilitary groups to target businesses for extortion and to terrorize the Colombian people by kidnappings and murder. Main article: United Brands Company v Commission of the European Communities In , the European Commission held that United Brands had been abusing a dominant market position , contrary to Article 86 of the EEC Treaty ; in particular, by imposing unfair conditions on its customers, by refusing to supply certain customers, and by charging dissimilar prices for equivalent transactions. In the United States, Chiquita has been a strong supporter of efforts to protect the environment. To help promote the brand throughout the United States, the company also introduced its Miss Chiquita character and jingle the same year.

In the United States, Chiquita has been a strong supporter of efforts to protect the environment. From the early s through the early s the company experienced radical and disturbing changes.

Olson, Sr.

A company profile of the chiquata brands international

The governments of these Central and South American countries were eager to develop but were unable to finance the construction of railroads and ports themselves. Ownership: Chiquita Brands International Inc. Other associates work in the company's Cincinnati headquarters and offices and plants around the world, as well as on ships carrying Chiquita's fruit to global markets. Principal Subsidiaries: Chiquita Brands, Inc. Carl H. By merging a cash-rich company with a capital-hungry company, he had hoped to create one strong company but instead created a weak one. Each year, Chiquita sets it sights on a new level of excellence. Chiquita also made other divestitures in , including the sale of older ships and the Costa Rican operations of the company's Numar edible oils group, the closing of part of Chiquita's juice operations, and the reconfiguration of banana production assets. The principal founder was Minor C.
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