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The struggle will eventually reach a climax, at which time God will intervene, destroy the forces of evil, and set up a new order in which the righteous will live for all time to come.

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Christian tradition has taken him to be the apostle John, author of the Fourth Gospel. The strange language, imagery, and symbolism in Revelation were not quite as foreign to first-century Christians as they are to us today. It was easy to circulate rumors of this kind, and along with other things, Christians were charged with plotting against the Roman government.

For instance: Section 45 of the Doctrine and Covenants contains comparable truths relative to latter-day plagues and the Second Coming.

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All concede insurmountable difficulties in its interpretation. As the Saints pursue the course of progression and perfection, they look for a better world.

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He refers to Pergamum as Satan's home inasmuch as it was in this place that the cult of emperor worship was particularly strong. Have other prophets seen and written what John saw and wrote? There is no more suffering or death. He is especially critical of those who tolerate the doctrines of the Nicolaitans, whose teachings he considers a real menace to the Christian community because they approve of the practice of eating meat obtained from animals that have been used as sacrifices to idols. Events leading into the Third Woe: The Lamb stands on Mount Zion with the , "first fruits" who are redeemed from Earth and victorious over the Beast and his mark and image. The prophets used a particular literary form in which they expressed their messages; the apocalyptic writers used a different literary form, one that was better suited to the particular purpose that they had in mind. Pergamum : From this church, those who overcome will be given the hidden manna to eat and a white stone with a secret name on it. The red horse symbolises war and destruction; the black horse symbolises famine; the pale horse symbolises death; the white horse symbolises vengeance and salvation. John then reveals the number of those who are sealed. Each of the seals lets loose God's fury on the Earth. Those who reject eternal life in Christ will face judgment and eternal punishment in hell. It is so far overstated that it gives an entirely erroneous feeling about this portion of revealed truth. It would be difficult to imagine anything more appropriate for the members of Christian churches at that time. When the second angel pours out his bowl on the sea, the sea turns to blood and everything living in it dies. In discussing the war on earth between good and evil, it is mentioned that there was also a war in heaven of a similar kind.

The Seven Spiritual Figures. Doubt about the authorship of the book is first heard of in the obscure sect of the Alogi end of the 2nd centurywho, with Caius, a Roman presbyter circa ADattributed it to Cerinthus.

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The great catastrophic events that bring an end to all the kingdoms of earth will also be the occasion for the return of Christ on the clouds of heaven. When the members of the Christian community affirmed their belief that the crucified Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah, they necessarily revised their understanding concerning the work Jesus was to do and especially the way in which his work would be completed.

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Christian tradition has taken him to be the apostle John, author of the Fourth Gospel. Composite Hypotheses — Babylonian Theory: What is to be said with reference to this "Nero-theory" belongs to subsequent sections: meanwhile it is to be observed that, while portions of theory are retained, significant changes have since taken place in the view entertained of the book as a whole, and with this of the date to be assigned to it. To further complicate the book of Revelation, John saw visions of both his present world and of events yet to take place in the future. The messages are for the benefit of the persecuted and are usually conveyed by means of symbols that only the faithful can understand. Seven more angels then appear, each one carrying a bowl, the content of which symbolizes the wrath of God about to be poured out in the form of the seven last plagues. What follows are "peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake" Here are seven basic guidelines: 1. What is the book of Revelation? An angry text The Book of Revelation certainly contains some vivid and disturbing imagery and many have called it an angry text. But he has not withheld the book of Revelation, because it is not beyond our capacity to comprehend; if we apply ourselves with full purpose of heart, we can catch the vision of what the ancient Revelator recorded. The stars of heaven fall to the earth and the sky recedes like a scroll being rolled up — Followers of Christ have great hope for the future.
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