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Not only that, itd give them money to buy more books!

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Structure of the Aptis English test for teachers The length and structure of Aptis for Teachers is the same as in the Aptis general test.

What changes? I joined because I wanted to get some recommendations of good books to join. What do you think about the new reading caf theyve just opened?

Include a nice range of vocabulary, but dont go off topic. You do not have to write full sentences, just individual words.

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Three written parts of the text, all of which require responses You should spend 10 minutes responding to questions on a social network.

Identifying specific, factual information: You listen to one or two people talking and have to identify something specific from the audio track.

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Subject: Library blues! The initial results take just 48 — 72 hours. The Aptis Speaking test You will have about 12 minutes to complete the four parts of the Aptis English test speaking section.

While I understand that your library has limited financial resources, the changes you have introduced are, I feel, unwarranted. Autor Zulkifley Othman.

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