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Conditioning occurs after a person interacts with his environment. To date, I have been able to view the content standards for 1st and 3rd grade and have taught the 2nd grade standards.

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I believe there are four extremely important factors that distinguish a well-disciplined class from others. It is my belief that the only way to effectively manage a classroom is by establishing what the appropriate and accepted behaviors are from day one Rogers does not address this point and I feel it is another important theory to remember when dealing with classroom management.

My goal for Knowledge of Self as a Teacher and Member of a Learning Community was to demonstrate communication between school and families.

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My personal goals for my future classroom are to help each student work to their full potential, and help them become a responsible young adult.

I have reviewed several articles related to this subject, and will give a brief overview of each of them as well as tell how they will make a difference in the way that I manage my own classroom.

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They know that there are many unspoken rules that should be followed, as well as the spoken and the written rules that have been established. An effective plan will take into consideration many factors. First of all, an effective teacher establishes, clearly communicates and maintains appropriate expectations for pupils learning, participation and responsibility.

For others, it is seen as something that must be done to make children behave "properly".

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This conditioning is sometimes referred to as instrumental conditioning. It is my opinion that teachers should have great and effective classroom management skills. I will as much as it is possible always include students in setting classrooms rules and consequences. Below is a list of my top 10 critical classroom management things I must make sure I do as a first year teacher and my rationale or reason each one is critically important. Related Interests. I want to make sure my students understand the material as well as using higher-order thinking skills to analyze, interpret or evaluate the material. Rogers, I believe, takes a very logical and humane approach to dealing with students.
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Classroom Management Critical Essay