Commonly misused words in business writing

A point that is open to debate, questionable.

Misuse of word so

If and when. You may not yet know which words confuse you, but before you sit down to write, study the words on the list. If the phrase can be replaced by "caused by", use due to. Example: They disbursed name tags to everyone attending the meeting. If you were standing trial, you'd want a disinterested judge, not an uninterested one. Used before a word that begins with a vowel. The word means in a hopeful manner -- John submitted his job application hopefully. When bowling, she practices the right form. Use strategies to avoid commonly confused words. Avoid this phrase. Instead of working, I started making a continuous line around the top of my desk using paper clips.

Means a group of similar objects. Means to create a change.

top 10 misused words

A word that completes an infinitive verb. Avoid this phrase. Fewer, less. It is a different noun. Complement — Verb To complete something or match it well. The training program explained important business principles.

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10 Words Often Misspelled in Business Correspondence