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While the majority listed their managing director or founder, only one-fifth provide details of other staff. The spectre of an uncontrolled spread of arms without fear of legal consequences certainly haunts such debates.

Compliance with the law The issue of working within the law stalked this inquiry. Our contribution to the ongoing debate on contractors is important, but modest.

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The close ties between the military and the private sector translates into a physical presence. However, most will require you to successfully go through police, public safety, or peace officer academy. Image: NationalGuard. Think of them as military police, without actually being in the military. The company said the shootings were legal within rules of protocol established by the now-defunct Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. They come from parts of the U. The frontman of this scheme may be the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin , but tomorrow he could be somebody else. Private pilots and those who served in the military have a competitive edge. They perform a wide variety of duties including repairing and maintaining infrastructure as well as pipelines. Some of the experiences you need to have include basics of gun usage and control, security services, and self-defense tactics.

Contracts were mainly with the Gulf States and involved weapons supply and training. Once again U. How to Find a Job This industry has strict entry requirements, making it difficult to secure a job, especially if you're just getting started.

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Some bring less institutional experience, as the industry recruits former child soldiers from Sierra Leone and ex-guerrilla fighters from the FARC. They maintained an array of weapons systems vital to the invasion of Iraq. At best, they mentioned specific regions, seas or ports.

In our studypublished on Dec.

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What we do know is that many of these mercenary companies, especially ones based in the UK and US, were heavily involved in military campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Paramedics work alongside soldiers in battlefields. Who, where, when, how? As a valuable asset of the military you can work as a paramedic, nurse, or doctor out in the field. These companies provide discreet services for clients that often want to remain anonymous. This makes sense, considering that contractors that often lacked a protective umbrella of support from other units. Without this data, scholars cannot ask even the most basic questions of whether using contractors works better than the alternative, namely military personal or local forces — or, indeed, whether it works at all. Most are veterans with significant military experience. A contract specialist employed by the U. But only 60 companies explicitly mention some of the countries they have been operating in, so overall operational transparency remains limited. It was run by G4S.
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