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Like any skill, essay writing requires practice. Some commercial law essay tips: Be specific about the country of supplier and customer Mention type of business you are discussing Cost estimates would be very useful in such cases Analyze commercial laws and give your feedback Commercial Law Today Today the East India Company no longer exists and commercial law no longer has the same characteristics.

We write purposefully i. The first is students not answering the question we set. In this case Botha did not destroy or alter the car he had taken from DDU, so there is no act of conversion on his part because he himself did not have the knowledge that the Mazda which he had purchased from DDU still had a credit payment to be paid.

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Additional reading is for when you have time, these are things you should explore. He later sold it through an advertisement to Botha who thought it to be a bargain and he was ignorant of the fact that the title of the car was with MUC and Kwan was in debt with MUC.

Will you draw on any comparative jurisdictions?

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Writing a law essay is about digging deep to uncover uncertainty and complexity within the law, and to use this to argue a position. Further to this MUC threatened Botha that they would file a case of conversion if Botha did not return the car or made the payment. Thus, this changes our view and turns out that Botha can be held liable for his act has to compensate to Sue. After knowing the fact that the property was sold for a undervalue Sue threatened Botha that she would file a suit against him if he did not pay complete money, for this situation under condition a we need to check all the possibilities applicable for protecting Botha or advise him on the basis of remedies without referring it under the Personal Property Securities Act PPSA. He had taken that painting from his friend Sue. Enjoyed this post? The second and third issue can be discussed under PPSA with the support of Sec 45 where the motor vehicle are possessed free of secured interest and are exempted from the provision of act if the sale is made on behalf of the executed creditor, here as per the norms the executor does have the idea of the facts of the sale, but as per the facts of the case both the sale made to Botha were made without the knowledge of execution creditor which means that Botha as per our prior decision is held liable for the purchase made and he has to compensate the value to MUC.
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'Don't just vomit on the page': how to write a legal essay