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There are no huge cultural differences between nations and since almost all countries are members of the EU, it brings the people even closer to one another.

Reduce non-labour costs Over the medium-long term, Nokia could seek to reduce costs other than its costs attributed to labour.

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Principles of marketing, 9th edn. Reid, A. We know now that as a result of what I have discussed, Nokia s decision was to relocate its manufacturing plant in Bochum to Romania.

You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document Nokia Case Study Analysis Recommended Solutions As Sam and Todd have discussed the underlying cause for the need to relocate the manufacturing operations of Bochum to Romania was due to cost pressures; as a result of rising cost levels, declining prices and high competition; low-cost manufacturing had become a necessity.

There is a constant research going on within the mobile phone businesses so also in Nokia to try to develop new gadgets and new systems for the mobile phones. InNokia's personnel increased by a total of 4 employees.

This too was followed by other financial institutions. People can be divided into different subcultures that have several ways to spend their money.

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Case Study on Nokia