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Only the lead author of multi-authored papers will be considered; all single authored papers will be considered. National Council for Applied Economic Research, Kevin Ward, Editor in Chief, September Current Issue Volume 40, Number 4 Featuring eight original articles, including three on urban mega-events in Sochi, Guangzhou, and across South Africa; two debate interventions on engaging with urban science and with fiscal geographies; an Urban Pulse piece on gentrification in Porto; and four new book reviews! Attempts to find the essential characteristics of urban places or urban life, for example, by contrast with the rural and rural life, have proved inconclusive see rurality ; urbanism. If they do not respond within the time frame, their paper will not be considered. The third area of inquiry has considered the diversity of cities in historical and international contexts, again frequently through typologies see industrial city ; pre-industrial city ; post-industrial city. Inter-India Publications, New Delhi Considering urban settlements in historical perspective also complicates the search for essential urban qualities. Google Scholar Noble, A.

As we begin this work, the establishment of this website to parallel that which hosts journal output — papers and reviews — marks a significant development.

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Nand Kishore and Brothers, Varanasi Publications, New Delhi Although model building is in its infancy, a few static, deterministic, probabilistic and dynamic models have been constructed.

The s and early s are characterized by a diversified and growing trend of specialization both in inter-urban and intra-urban research in urban geography. Planning overlaps with geography when it examines the spaces of everyday life, spatial relationships among its different dimensions, and the processes that create them.

Oxford University Press, New York These processes have been identified as enclosure strategies, which have been divided into strategies of the annihila- tion of space by law Mitchell, and strategies of commodification, raising questions in relation to who has the right to the city and what is the place of the homeless in this new landscape.

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A review of recent urban geographic studies in India