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For years, critics and academics simply saw the latter as an embarrassment.

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In his paintings, Cole seems to focus on an ideal America. InCole welcomed into his Catskill studio the young Frederic Churchwho studied with him until and went on to become the most renowned exponent of the generation that followed Cole.

While Cole also painted tried-and-true subjects like the Colosseum, an aqueduct bore particular promise for a landscape painter as a ruin that by its very definition extended out from the city into the surrounding landscape. The sheer size of the canvas, one of the largest Cole had attempted to this date, also anticipates that famous series, which, significantly, envisions the rise and fall of an imagined classical civilization by means of architecture.

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But the end is nigh. The immediate foreground shows what appears to be the remains of the part of the forest that the people used to build their house. Painted from his sketches in nature, The Oxbow has always been my favorite Cole.

He was born in a country where poetry dominated literature and where arguably some of the great poets lived including William Shakespeare.

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The ruined state of the structure and the greenery creeping up its towers do not belie his interest in it as a feat of building. In this fusion of real and ideal, of studied observation with allegorical possibility, Cole foreshadows structures he would include in his plan for the Ohio Statehouse and the visionary city of his Course of Empire paintings just four years later. He popularized working from nature, traveling into the mountains and using his sketches there to paint landscapes that were breathtaking and inspiring. Just below is a tiny Thomas Cole, poking his head up to look at the viewer. His vision of American scenery as raw and untamed is contrasted with his vision of a refined, tamed European scenery. The farmers lost. The other painting is Evening in Arcadia , also now in the Wadsworth Atheneum. He was an immigrant in the United States, his family and him migrated to the states in , he was 17 years of age. In the River in the Catskills , the landscape is denuded. His works of art helped people see and take pride in their great land, which was called America. He wants people to value American scenery for its unique beauty that differs from old world scenery and to refrain from comparing it to that old world. This painting reflects the beginning of a growing population in the northeastern United States that would exploit nature for its resources, and in doing so, take away its pure beauty. Aqueduct near Rome shows a Euro-American artist speaking a pan-European vernacular and participating in a transatlantic tradition of painter-architects, for whom a well-formed building could be a means of transmitting artistic principles to a far wider public than painting alone could reach.

The Aqua Claudia was included among popular sites for travelers in eighteenth-century guidebooks. One of the leading practitioners of landscape painters in America was Thomas Cole. The gulf that divides his allegorical views of the northeastern United States from his prize-winning proposal for the new Ohio Statehouse, for example, might seem too great to be bridged.

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A changing point in Cole 's life that in my opinion that had a big impact on St. The act. The pain and devastation was captured in this painting perfectly, through many colors and symbols, which affected thousands of people in many different ways. In developing this act, Jefferson had hoped to find an alternating from war. Exhibition catalogue. Cole distinguishes its wildness as the most impressive characteristic of American scenery, a trait that the scenery of Europe no longer possesses. In it, a river journey represents the human passage through life to eternal reward. Romanticism as a movement declined in the late 19th century and early 20th century with the growing dominance of Realism in the arts and the rapid advancement of science and technology. Both authors, Michaels and Coles had theses that elaborated on their time periods
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