Why i want to study

What field do I want to study in? There are over areas of study based at Canterbury, Medway, Brussels and Paris which give you the opportunity to find a flexible or part-time programme to suit both your current lifestyle and future ambitions.

What work experience have you done? Methods of assessment vary, but generally use a combination of exams and coursework, while some include project work. Now you have to take the next step and decide what specific subject you want to study. The key to a successful interview lies in thorough preparation.

Here, we explain how the three programmes are linked and how to progress through the levels. For personal development at postgraduate level Postgraduate If you already have a first degree or equivalent then postgraduate study offers the opportunity to further your studies in that area, or perhaps change direction for either personal or career development.

But combined with your skills and experience, a higher education qualification can help you build on your current career or explore a range of new options. So, when I finally learned how read, write and speak in Swedish, it gave me such a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment to know that my hard work has finally paid off.

This is the question you should ask yourself first of all, separately from any future job aspirations and career prospects. If you are studying part-time, this stage usually takes two years to complete and involves studying for a further credits, taking intermediate level modules.

Reason why we need to study

It has opened my eyes to new pathways and given me the confidence to move forward with my life. Stage 2: diploma level Stage 2 is equivalent to the second year of a full-time degree. But combined with your skills and experience, a higher education qualification can help you build on your current career or explore a range of new options. What are my interests? Enhance your career and employability prospects, improve your self-confidence by either revisiting a subject you once loved or by tackling a completely new one, or simply become inspired by meeting new, like-minded people. The first two levels can be taken either as stand-alone programmes or as stepping stones to a degree. Why should we offer you a place? Some courses are very academic and you'll focus on reading and research. For example, if you are interested in medicine but have little aptitude for natural science subjects, you need to consider carefully whether you really want to study medicine. Towards the end of your course, you may also have the opportunity to do an independent piece of research into a topic that particularly interests you. Some people have always known they want to study, and they also know exactly what subject they would like to study. Philosophy Psychology. For example, if you are interested in foreign cultures, geography, and politics, you may find the area of development cooperation very interesting. Courses on offer include the opportunity to study areas such as: Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Applied Behaviour Analysis. Are you interested in lots of things?

What are my interests? Ultimately, they gain much more from the experience.

what is the importance of studying
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Five Reasons to Study Education